Picture a “young lady” listening to Sigur Ros, near an open window while handwriting on her iPad; a strong cup of coffee always close by. Yeah, that’s a pretty good picture of me. Add a few freckles, and ever-changing hair, and it’s almost as if we’ve already met! I don’t know how to briefly share how photography has deeply changed my life. I don’t think you came to read a personal essay anyway. I can tell you, how I felt unimaginable joy the first time I bought my own camera with a pile of tips I saved working at my parent’s café.  I can tell you I was addicted from the very first click of the shutter. 
  I love to tell the story of how I cracked a lens on my first professional camera on a rock because I was so distracted taking photos of the Taj Mahal.
   There are an abundant amount of reasons I love photography, but the reason it is my passion is because people are my passion. (I know, I know, how cliché)! Honestly though, to me, there is no better way to love someone than to show them their true and inherent worth. 
  Each person I work with is beautiful, is precious, is unique, valuable and important. My job is not to take your picture, it’s to give you a worthwhile experience and to show you love and purpose.
   I have been a professional photographer for over 7 years, and holding a camera for as long as I can remember. Being a photographer is the best job ever!


I truly hope I get to meet you, share some laughs with you and capture memories that will last a lifetime.



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From the first day I was introduced to the joy of photography, I held this image in my head of myself developing incredible photographs in a small, warm, and cluttered dark room, illuminated only by an iconic, oversized red light bulb. In reality, however, it took another six years for me to muster the courage to venture out and begin to shoot film, and thus begin my journey in film photography.

Film is photographic art in its most raw and genuine form. For me, I find a depthless joy in the creation of a photograph. Every step is part of the experience - from loading film into the camera, finding that perfect shot, developing the roll in my own home, and then enlarging it...those mechanical movements, the freedom of finding the right shot, the structure of the process, the smell of the chemicals doing their work and, eventually, triumphantly, hanging up the final’s all a singular task, made up of many small steps to find perfection.
Since the beginning of my photography journey, I’ve basically been a film addict. It's been my joy and honor to share that experience with others. I shoot film during all my sessions, and I I also share with digital photographers how to get started in film themselves. I hope you’ll let me share this passion with you, and we can create some memories you can hold on to forever!


If you're a photographer looking for help dialing in your unique style, fine-tuning your editing skills, refining your workflow, or giving your technical skills a tune-up, I encourage you to sign up for one of my classes, or reach out for a one-on-one mentorship!

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